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IDGOD offers free shipping on all orders. Our regular turn around time is 1 - 2 weeks. You can pay an extra $20.00 to skip the line and get your fake id faster.

Support Customer

We offer 24/7 Customer Support via Email. If you have any questions or concerns. Please contact [email protected]

Secure Payments

We believe staying anonymouse and safe is extremely important. IDGOD offers multiple ways to pay for your fake id. We strongly recomend Bitcoin. Your order will be prossesed quicker, and no extra hassles.

How do you believe that we are a legitimate and verified provider?

To convince a buyer by giving them suitable reasons is no easy task. That is why we ask you to scroll through our gallery of fake ids that we created only to provide customer-proof. We currently fake over 50+ state licenses. Our website has a specific sample page for each ID. If you want to know whether a website that makes forgeries is legit or not then, you must examine their ID samples. The “VERIFIED” and, “ACTUAL” ones will have the initial and last Name of the Sample matching to their company’s name. For instance, every ID that we make has “IDGOD” and “CH” embossed to make an illustration of our proof. We have listed random images from every state in our gallery below. You can also view our “PRICES” page to see specific images of any license that you would like. These images are take under different light sources and position. From demonstrating ultraviolet elements in our licenses to exposing hidden appearances under Black light; each photo tells you the quality that we bestow upon our products.

IDGOD – Your all-in-one store to buy fake IDs

An ID card is one of those essentials that need to be in your wallet. If you don’t have this all-important document because of being underaged or for any other reason, don’t hit the panic button. IDGOD is here to lend you a hand. Even if you possess an ID but need another one with different data, we will print it for you! At our store, everyone is welcome to order a fake ID for any purpose.

IDGOD has been dominating the industry since 2004. Over these years, we have gained in-depth knowledge about document counterfeiting. Our team is made up of professional designers and dab hands at manufacturing fake ID cards. Besides, we upgrade our printers and other equipment every six months. That means you will always be provided with the documents that comply with the latest authority requirements.

We produce only scannable fake IDs, carefully considering their size, paper thickness, and colors. Besides, our facilities are equipped well enough to ensure smooth edging. For your safety, our IDs also feature all the needed holograms, barcodes, and microprint.

Steps to follow before ordering a fake ID

To end up having a close-to-legitimate document, provide us with a high-quality photo of yourself. There are specific requirements to meet when taking a picture for your fake ID card. Please, don’t ignore the following:

  • don’t take a selfie even if you have an out-of-this-world smartphone; 
  • use a professional camera or simply go to the photo agency;
  • don’t wear glasses, a hat, or anything else that can hide your face;
  • look toward the camera;
  • don’t go over the top with your makeup and accessories;
  • put on the right clothing to contrast your skin;
  • don’t pull faces (however, you can smile a little).

Another thing you are asked to do is send us your signature. Use a black pen to put it on white paper. Take a photo of it without using a flash. However, we recommend scanning the piece to enhance its quality.

Complete these steps and leave everything else to us. We will do whatever it takes to produce a premium-quality scannable fake ID for you. It won’t be detected by ultraviolet light, a magnifying glass, or any other scanner.

How to order cheap fake IDs at IDGOD?

Don’t say goodbye to the idea of having a forged ID card if you are short of money. Our rates are reasonable so that everyone can afford the coveted document. Check our prices for different states. Plus, shipping is on us, no matter where you live.

To order an ID card, fill in the form with your personal information. Don’t forget to attach the files with your picture and signature. Note that we keep your data under the radar, eliminating the risk of leakage.

Pay upfront for your order using:

  • Western Union
  • Bitcoin 
  • Other cryptocurrencies

As you can see, website registration is not a must here. So, don’t look for the right store any longer. Trust IDGOD to make a genuine-like identification card for you!